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*All kick-off times are listed in Western Indonesia Time*

Pay attention to the NBA match schedule, in general team groups are divided into West Team and East Team, although they are divided again according to their respective Divisions. Simply put, in 1 Division, each team will meet 4 times, with the Division next to it meeting 3 times, and with teams from west to east meeting 2 times. For games in the Regular Season each team competes 82 matches (41 home and 41 away). Then Playoffs (16 teams left), NBA Finals (2 western teams and 2 eastern teams), and The Finals (1 west team vs 1 east team).

Everyone would agree, watching NBA directly is a rare opportunity that rarely recurs. As fans, of course, we want to make maximum use of every second moment in the arena. The entrance of the competition arena is usually opened 1 hour before the match starts, so before the door is opened the prospective audience queues along the entrance. Enter at the first opportunity so you can relax to see the conditions around the arena, what foods or souvenirs are sold, buy snacks for matches even though the price of food in the stadium / arena is more expensive. By arriving early, you can also watch a short entertainment event in the middle of the field, most importantly you can see NBA players while warming up.