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boxing-UFC 2019

*All kick-off times are listed in Western Indonesia Time*

MMA is a combination of attacking boxing techniques, muay thai, karate, taekwondo, and many more martial arts. While many slamming, locking, and takedown techniques come from judo, jujitsu, and wrestling. so this is what he called free boxing which shows all the techniques of various types of martial arts. The birth of the MMA must also follow with the appearance of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the result of ideas from Art Davie, Rorion Gracie, and John Millius.

Mix Martial Arts (MMA), UFC and boxing battles will be presented live on our channel. This duel is predicted to be a fierce match, especially the intrigue that often arises from the two boxers ahead of the fight. Not only is the place to prove who is the strongest, the match will be a rematch for both parties and opponents to reclaim the title of lightweight UFC or MMA and also Boxing.

And as the best channel that is always awaited by viewers for each program, now through our site this is facilitated by the broadcast channel watching live streaming of various types of games displayed, especially boxing, UFC and MMA sports today without buffering. With the support of advanced technology facilities that are connected to laptops, tablets, and Android cellphone smartphones, provided that they are only connected via a network of stable internet connections.